Supply Chain

Distribution Analytics
At PDI we are always looking for ways to make us better and faster. We like to take steps out of a multi-step system. With the viewpoint of continuous improvement, we are analyzing ways in which we can cut expenses but also give the best possible service to our customers.

Supply Chain Technology
After extensive research, we opted to use Manhattan Associates to harness the best technology on the market to help us improve efficiencies. Our end goal is to coordinate with all the Distribution Centers within Hy-Vee to develop synergies between facilities to cut expenses.

PDI's warehouse, located in Ankeny, Iowa, offers 425,000 square feet of refrigerated, frozen and quality storage that maintains the integrity of all products inside, and provides service that is unequaled in the industry. It is a 24-hour running operation that employs over 400 employees working in three shifts allowing us to offer next day service. PDI employees are experts in maintaining product integrity and work hard to guarantee accuracy and efficiency in every order. See all that the distribution center offers below!

Vocollect Voice-Activated Selecting System
This voice technology tool directs warehouse employees to specific products and informs them of the quantity they need to include in an order. Orders are selected and shipped with 99.9% accuracy.

Radio Frequency Scanning
Allows us to track our product throughout the life cycle from shipping to receiving.

Temperature Monitoring Systems
State of the art system to help guarantee the safety of our products throughout our facility and on our trailers.

Incentive Program
Get paid extra on top of your base pay for your hard work and accuracy while picking orders!

Flexibility for PT Staff
We support our employees who are also attending school so we offer 100% flexibility with scheduling.

Weekend Premium Pay
Work (4) ten hour days Thursday-Sunday and receive $2.00 premium pay!

Night Shift Differential
Pay $1.50 for those who work overnight schedules!

"We have quality employees and cutting edge technology that maintain the integrity of the products inside our warehouse, and keep every person and every food item safe. We educate our employees throughout their career on safety procedures, proper handling techniques, and offer detailed training and mentoring sessions. This process ensures our employees are confident and able to serve our customers, and experience personal success. We are always looking for high-caliber associates to join our operation. If that sounds like you, please apply today."
Jim Brandt
Sr. Vice President Warehousing

Jim Brandt
Sr. Vice President Warehousing


Joe McConnell
Director of Operations, Warehouse

Warehouse Supervisors - 1st and 2nd Shift

Warehouse Supervisors - 3rd Shift